Cellulose Fibre

Cool or Cosy’s Natural Cellulose Fibre is ceiling Insulation with a R3.5 Total System Value rating, made from recycled paper, treated with a fire retarding and vermin resisting, non-hazardous additive. Cool or Cosy’s Cellulose Fibre is suitable for people suffering from allergies or asthma due to our exclusive FlexiCoat process. Cellulose Fibre does not absorb moisture, eliminating problems such as black mould on ceilings by starving the fungus of dampness that is required for its growth. FlexiCoat is a sealant that is applied over the top of your cellulose fibre insulation. After the Insulation is installed, the non-hazardous organic glue is sprayed over the surface, to bind the surface fibres together.

Cellulose FibreAdvantages

  • Reduce room temperatures in summer by up to 12 degrees and retain warmth in winter.
  • Eliminates mould by starving the fungus of the dampness required for it’s growth.
  • Recommended for people suffering from allergies or asthma.
  • Energy savings.
  • Non-hazardous and non-irritant.
  • Will not move or blow around.
  • Does not settle or pack down.
  • Fire and vermin resistant.
  • No gaps.
  • Acoustic / Noise Reduction.
  • Fire tested – when exposed to naked flame, the surface char’s without spread of flame.
  • Manufactured and installed to Australian Standards License No. 1155.

Earthwool Batts

Knauf Insulation’s EarthWool™ Wall and Ceiling Batts are made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibres bonded by ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary new binder based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals.  ECOSE® Technology reduces Knauf Insulation binder embodied energy and contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colours found in traditional glasswool insulation.


EarthWool™ Wall and Ceiling Batts provide a cost-effective thermal and acoustical barrier for energy-efficient construction.  The batts’ consistent quality, low dust, and clean-cutting resilient wool makes installation fast.  EarthWool™ Wall and Ceiling Batts can be used in timber and metal frame applications in residential structures.  These applications include thermal and acoustical treatments to walls, ceilings and floors.  Knauf Insulation offers EarthWool™ Wall and Ceiling Batts in a wide range of sizes and R-values.


Thermal Conductivity – ASTM C 518 and AS/NZS 4859.1: 2002 Thermal Resistance – ASTM C 653 and AS/NZS 4859.1: 2002 ECOSE® Technology Knauf Insulation’s EarthWool products with ECOSE® Technology benefit from a formaldehyde-free binder made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials instead of petroleum-based chemicals which is up to 70% less energy intensive.  The technology has been developed for Knauf Insulation’s glass and rock mineral wool products, enhancing their environmental credentials without affecting the thermal, acoustic or fie performance.  EarthWool™ products made with ECOSE® Technology contain no dye or artificial colours – the colour is completely natural.

Technical Data

  • Water Vapor Absorption (ASTM C 1104) – Less than 5% by weight.
  • Corrosion Resistance (ASTM C 665) – No greater than sterile cotton.
  • Microbial Growth (ASTM C 1338) – Does not support microbial growth.
  • Fire Resistant (ASTM C 136) – Non-combustible.

Tontine Batts

All Tontine insulation products are made from 100% thermally bonded polyester fibre.  Polyester fibre is commonly used in clothing and bedding applications.  Polyester fibre also uses the same raw material as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate – Plastics Identification Recycling Code #1).  PET is commonly used in bottles and jars for storing water, soft drinks, sauces and spreads.  Polyester fibre is non-toxic and no known physical or health hazards have been associated with polyester over several decades of use across the world in a multitude of applications.

Longevity of insulation performance

Since Tontine insulation products do not use resin based binders that may deteriorate over time, the insulation will not sag, become brittle, degrade or contribute to indoor airborne dust.  It does not absorb moisture and is insect and vermin resistant.  The insulation will maintain the stated performance for the life of the building, when installed in accordance with AS 3999.

Recycled fibre content and energy usage

Tontine Fibres is the first polyester insulation manufacturer in Australia to use a minimum 80% recycled fibre content in insulation products.  Recycled polyester fibre uses less than half the embodied energy of virgin polyester.  So not only is there an energy saving by using Tontine insulation products to reduce heating and cooling requirements, there is an energy saving specifying Tontine insulation products due to the lower embodied energy content of the insulation material.

Zero ozone depleting potential

The materials used in insulation products made by Tontine Fibres and the manufacturing processes used in Tontine Fibres factories to make these products, have zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).

Zero formaldehyde

The manufacturing process for polyester insulation products at Tontine Fibres does not include the use of solvents or resins.  Therefore there is no residual formaldehyde or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the insulation material due to the manufacturing process.  With polyester not being a VOC either, the VOC content of our polyester insulation products is expected to be negligible.

Zero chlorides

The insulation products made by Tontine Fibres does not contain any raw material with chloride compounds, nor are chloride compounds used in the insulation manufacturing process.  There are also no other corrosive chemicals used at any stage of the manufacture of the insulation or the raw materials.  Therefore all Tontine insulation products can be considered to have non-corrosive properties.  All Tontine insulation products are exempt from the AS4859.1 requirement for corrosive testing.

Non-allergenic properties

The polyester used in Tontine insulation products has non-allergenic properties and is safe for asthma sufferers.  Tontine insulation products do not contain binders that may deteriorate and crumble over time, or use brittle or short fibres that are prone to breakage and/or easily respirable.  Therefore it does not have the potential to create airborne dust due to fibres or other detritus working their way down through lighting and air conditioning vents in the ceiling.  Polyester is the only fibrous insulation approved by Asthma Foundations Australia for unrestricted use in low allergen or asthma friendly buildings.

Downlight Protection

Fixes Downlight Fire Problems – Withstands Temperatures up to 1000°C.

Downlight ProtectionDownlights are responsible for hundreds of house fires every year. Tenmat Downlight Covers are F-capped approved which means they can be safely covered with insulation and can be used in fire rated ceilings. With an ability to resist flames and heat up to 1000°C, Tenmat Downlight Covers are guaranteed peace of mind for your family.

Stops 98% of Heating/Cooling Loss Through Downlights.

Downlight ProtectionTenmat Downlight Covers stop the chimney effect that hot downlights create by literally sucking heated/cooled air through into the roof. Our range of Downlight Covers have been scientifically proven to save money off your heating/cooling bills by stopping air leakage and allowing a continuous cover of roof insulation.

Fully Tested and Compliant with Australian and International Standards.

Tenmat Downlight Covers are fully tested to meet and surpass the requirements of AS3000:2007. Being the only downlight covers on the Australian market to be F-Capped Approved, Tenmat Downlight Covers are the only downlight protection product available that can be safely buried in insulation.


FF130 Downlight Cover – The best downlight cover for halogen, LED and compact fluorescent lights.

The FireFly 130 Downlight Covers have been developed to reduce the risk of fire caused by the overheating of downlights whilst allowing a continuous cover of insulation to prevent unnecessary energy loss through the light fixture. They are the only downlight cover in Australia to acheive this and are suitable for all types of downlights – Halogen, LED and Compact Fluorescent with cutouts up to 100mm.

FF120 Downlight Cover – Best for downlights with larger cut outs and in-ceiling speakers.

The FireFly 120 Downlight Covers were the predecessor to the more popular and versitile FF130 downlight covers. They perform exactly the same as the FF130 however can be more difficult to fit in tight spaces due to their larger design. The design however makes them a great option for some recessed incandescent lights and in-ceiling speakers. Available in boxes of 6.